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Can Sublimation Tumblers Go In The Dishwasher?

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Do you have sublimation tumblers? If so, you already know how amazing these things are when giving them as gifts to your closed ones, right? But not everything is for gifts; something is for us to enjoy too. If you’re like me, you’re currently using them at home. But chances are you’re wondering whether they go in the dishwasher safely, just like I did initially.

First of all, we all use dishwashers nowadays. Why shouldn’t we? They are simple, convenient, and save a lot of energy! (Let’s face it! We contribute to the environment when we use dishwashers)! Most of us now use the dishwasher as a preferred washing technique. So, you may think, “there’s no way something this awesome can be unsafe for our sublimation tumblers.”

And guess what? You’re absolutely right! Your sublimation tumblers can go in the dishwasher without any safety risk, provided you follow some precautionary measures. Let me enlighten you with my experience regarding this subject matter in detail. So, don’t leave the page until it ends!

Can Sublimation Tumblers Go In The Dishwasher?

Yes, folks, there’s no need to worry, as your sublimation tumblers or cups are dishwashers safe. But if you remember, I said just now that we will have to follow some precautions. These precautions are simple: just be attentive towards the washing time and the heat level of the water. Avoid keeping the tumbler in the dishwasher for a longer period, keep the thermal settings low, and you’re good to go.

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Why Are Sublimation Tumblers Dishwashers Safe? 

Do you know that special coating is used to make sublimation tumblers? Yes, you’ve read it right. And that’s what helps it to stay safe and protected from dishwashers. These coatings ensure your tumblers’ prints stay vivid and elegant for several years. To avoid your tumblers fading over time, you should make sure it’s far away from the heat source when washing the tumbler in the dishwasher.

Now that you have nothing to worry about, let’s move to the section where I will explain how to clean your sublimation mug.

Cleaning Sublimation Tumbler: How To Do It Properly? 

  • Follow my lead, and you’ll always end up cleaning your sublimation tumbler in the most efficient way possible.
  • Your preliminary step is ensuring the tumbler is cool to the touch.
  • Next, take a paper towel or soft cloth to get rid of any excess debris or ink.
  • Pour some lukewarm water into the sublimation tumbler and add dish soap (good quality one!).
  • Start scrubbing the tumblers’ inside using a soft-bristled brush.
  • But be gentle and cautious, as we don’t want any coating damage.
  • Lastly, use some clean tap water to rinse the sublimation mug. Let the air dry for a few minutes.

Now that you understand how to clean your sublimation tumbler in the easiest and best way possible let’s move on to how to take good care of it.

Care & Maintenance Instructions For Sublimation Tumblers

If you use normal coffee mugs, your cleaning method may be somewhat the usual that every human being follows: use soap, clean, rinse! Right? However, things should be different when cleaning sublimation tumblers.

When cleaning sublimation tumblers, I advise taking additional precautionary steps to ensure they never lose their vividness and elegance. Keep the tumbler in the dishwasher, set it on a gentle, cold cycle, and let it wash. This way, you’ll protect your mug’s design color.

Moreover, when washing your tumbler, using any bleach or fabric softener is a strict NO! Such products will result in discoloration or fading of the mug. I prefer using low or no heat when drying your sublimation tumbler and letting it hang dry.

How To Hand Wash & Clean Your Sublimation Tumbler?

stainless sublimation tumbler

Not following the care instructions? Watch your sublimation tumbler getting affected and damaged every passing day. If you want to clean them properly without causing any harm, follow the safety and care instructions every time you wash them.

If you recall, I said earlier that hand washing is among the best ways to clean your sublimation tumbler. Emphasizing it, if you do want to hand wash the mug, here’s how to do it:

  • Use lukewarm washing liquid when hand washing your sublimation tumbler.
  • Cleanse the tumble in a firm and gentle way by using a clean, dry cloth.
  • Don’t let it air dry as it might shatter or damage. Simple cloth drying would do the job.


So, I hope you won’t have to look any further to know whether sublimation tumblers go in the dishwasher or not. I have outlined everything in my knowledge and from my experience in this article to help you look no further. In case you’re looking for a new sublimation tumbler, feel free to check the site GoBesin where you can get these amazing items at wholesale price.

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