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How Long Do Sublimation Prints Last?

sublimation tumblers

Any kind of printing on earth is temporary and sublimation prints are no different. No matter whether it’s a color-changing sublimation tumbler or stainless sublimation tumbler, the prints will fade away with time. But the question is how long sublimation prints last. We also need to know how sublimation printing works and what the reasons behind fading are.

In this post, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about how long sublimation prints last. So without any delay let’s jump into this.

How Does Sublimation Printing Work

sublimation printing

The sublimation printing industry is pretty huge. There are different printers used for different materials. You canā€™t use regular printers for sublimation printing. It requires a special kind of printer because normal paper and sublimation paper are not the same. Also, different materials need different ink for printing.

All printers can’t be used for all kinds of sublimation printing. For example, you need a dedicated sublimation printer for sublimation printing. But, ink-jet printers can do various sublimation printings.

In sublimation printing, the ink is heated to be fused and turned into gas. Then it is pressed into the material we are printing on. It is more like tattooing the material instead of writing on it.

Why Do Sublimation Prints Fade

Sublimation printing is nothing more than ink printed differently. Any ink is supposed to fade with time. There are many reasons behind sublimation prints fading away.

Sublimation prints may fade due to incorrect temperature, high pressure, direct sunlight, and UV rays. Also, time is a big factor; ink starts to lose its sustainability with time.

Sublimation Print on Ceramic Mugs

sublimation mug

Sublimated ceramic mugs are pretty famous nowadays. You can print whatever you like on your mug. It takes less time than other sublimation printings and is printed on the ceramic coating. Sublimation prints on ceramic mugs can fade because of many reasons like heat, soapy water, rubbing, hot water, and many more. If the environmental damage is decreased and the product is handled with care, it can last longer than normal.

A sublimated ceramic mug printing can last up to 10 years if used carefully. Otherwise, the printing might last 2-4 years.

Sublimation Print on Tumblers

When the matter is sublimation tumbler the situation is different. Because there are different kinds of tumblers like blank metal tumblers, plastic tumblers, stainless, etc. which are made of different materials such as There are also different methods to sublimate a tumbler.

It can be a specially printed paper tumbler or a straight print on the tumbler’s body. The printing method is responsible for its lifespan. Paper printing lasts less time than tumbler printing. If it is a paper-printed tumbler, its sustainability depends on the paper’s print life span. And if it is a printed plastic tumbler, it can last more than 4 years without any fading. But if the tumbler is highly exposed to the sun, it won’t last very long. To be honest there is no specific lifespan of any printing.

It depends on you what kind of tumbler will be good for you. If you are sporty and travel a lot, a stainless steel tumbler is the best choice. Because stainless steel tumblers are more durable than glass and plastic tumblers. Also,Ā stainless steel tumblersĀ are best for controlling temperature. For hot liquid like coffee, it will hold the temperature for around 8 hours. And for cool liquids such as soft drinks or cold coffee, it is 9 hours.

sublimation glasscan

Glass tumblers are not as durable as stainless steel or plastic tumblers. That’s why they are best for indoor use such as in kitchens or cafes. Glass tumblers are more attractive than stainless steel or plastic tumblers. If you want to decorate, glass tumblers will be best.

Plastic tumblersĀ are durable but not strong as stainless steel tumblers. Also, a plastic tumbler’s insulation capability is lesser than a stainless steel tumbler. They are appropriate for regular use like glass tumblers. But plastic is harmful to nature so it is better to use steel or glass tumblers.

Sublimation Print on Clothes

Sublimation Blank Hoodies

Sublimation fashion is very famous nowadays. Generally, new designers use sublimation designing as a learning process. Because it is low cost and you can print whatever you want.

For sublimation prints on clothes, it requires polyester garments. No other type of garment is compatible with sublimation printing.

There are different kinds of printing that are possible on clothes. A sublimation garment is different from a normal garment. Sublimation garments are made of a fabric that can absorb a special paper design while the fabric and paper are under a heat press at 175-230Ā°C.

This kind of printing can last 10 years with proper care. But with too much exposure to the sun, the color might fade out often. This depends on the quality of the fabric and ink.

Is Sublimation printing eco-friendly?

As we are getting more advanced day by day, pollution is also increasing. Well, Sublimation sure sounds amazing, because you can create any kind of design with it. And there are no limitations in sublimation. But the actual question is, whether it’s eco-friendly.

The best thing about sublimation printing is this process is 100% eco-friendly. It does not need much water, which means less water pollution.Ā  And the ink used in other printing methods contains harmful substances. Consumption of those inks can lead to cancer. But inks used in sublimation printing are OEKO-TEX certified, which means it is safe.

Another thing is, in this process, there is no paper waste. Sublimated papers can be recycled for many printing sessions. Sublimation printing is eco-friendly without any doubt.

So, How Long Do Sublimation Prints Last

Generally, sublimation prints may last up to 25 years. The printing sustainability depends on the material. If the material is ceramic it will last longer otherwise, the lifespan will be very short. For example, prints on ceramic mugs will last longer than prints on fabrics.

Please always remember that taking good care of your product will make it last longer.

Also, good things cost more, always do not go for the cheap price but look for quality. Keep in mind that print sustainability depends on your printing quality and material.

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