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Where To Buy Sublimation Tumblers In Bulk

Where To Buy Sublimation Tumblers In Bulk

Do you wish to make tumblers using images but not vinyl? If so, sublimation is your answer. Sublimation tumblers are an excellent option if you want to work on personalization projects. Why? Because the outcomes are top-notch quality, perpetual, and unique.

You can use a sublimation blank tumbler and transform it into an innovative, attractive gift that the other person will definitely fall in love with. So, what I’m trying to say is that you create your own patterns, infuse your creativity, and turn any blank tumbler into an appealing project or gift item.

What Is Exactly a Sublimation Tumbler? 

When sublimation – a type of ink transfer – is used to print designs or patterns on stainless steel or a tumbler made of other material, it is known as a sublimation tumbler. Now, chances are that you have little or no idea of what sublimation is. It’s a chemical reaction that converts a solid to a gas state and embeds solid ink into any substrate (made of polyester) by heating it.

Equipment Required To Make Sublimation Tumblers 

  • Sublimation Ink – You can buy infusible ink markers, pre-printed sublimation transfers, and infusible ink transfer sheets from sites like Amazon.
  • Blank Sublimation Tumbler – I always buy sublimation tumblers from this brand – GoBesin – as they offer a very reasonable wholesale price for orders in bulk.
  • Heat Source – You can buy either a tumbler heat press or a mug press from any eCommerce site.

The other sublimation supplies that you’ll need are:

  • Heat-resistant tape.
  • Butcher paper.
  • Sublimation paper (laser paper).
  • Sublimation shrink wraps (only if you use an oven).

Where To Buy Sublimation Tumblers In Bulk

Will Any Tumbler For The Sublimation Project? 

The simple answer is no. If you’re using a tumbler for your sublimation project, you must use one made of polyester coating. When heating, ensure the coating binds and stays intact with the sublimation ink. It means you’ll need blank sublimation tumblers solely produced for this purpose.

Although they may seem pricey to you, the result will be worth your spending. What I would suggest is ordering sublimation blank tumblers in bulk from the online store – GoBesin. I have personally sourced blank tumblers from this store, and they have always offered me the best quality sublimation blanks at the most reasonable prices.

Where To Buy Sublimation Tumblers In Bulk 

Today, if you walk into any local craft store, you’ll find them selling sublimation mugs. However, it’s still rare to find tumbler sublimation blanks at reasonable prices anywhere. GoBesin has an excellent collection of sublimation tumblers at wholesale prices, the selection is unique and amazing, and you can get your products in 4-7 days.
There’s only one thing to keep in mind. The store is in high demand due to the rare availability of this product in the market. If you find anything really attractive and unique, place the order, as you may never get to see them again soon.

There are other sites where you can get blank tumblers for sublimation, such as Amazon. However, you won’t be able to buy in bulk at these stores. If you’re a DIYer or just a beginner, you can start your sublimation journey by ordering blanks from such sites. However, if you plan to run your small business, wholesaler platforms like GoBesin are the right choice.
Attention: It’s not a good decision to trust any site that offers a low price. A smart buyer orders great quality products at discounted or reasonable prices.

Sublimation Tumbler: How To Make It? 

Firstly, you must decide the transfer process you want to opt for. You can choose between:

  • Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, which won’t cut detailed designs until you use a cutting machine. This ink is nothing but one of the most convenient and simple-to-use printed sublimation sheets.
  • Infusible Ink Pen and Markers, which you can use by hand or in your cutting machine’s pen holder.
  • Pre-printed sublimation transfer, which you can buy from any online store.
  • Sublimation transfer, which can be printed on any converted inkjet printer machine.

And once you’ve decided on the method you want to go with, check for the section below.

Where To Buy Sublimation Tumblers In Bulk

Designs For Sublimation Tumbler 

You have two choices: make your own sublimation prints or order them. Software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Procreate is best for sublimation design projects. The amazing part is that you can use almost any or every design when searching for graphics that will go well with sublimation.

You can print graphics, images, or almost anything that one can typically print using the converted inkjet printer. Let me assume that you’re currently cutting transfer sheets with the help of an electronic cutting machine. If that’s the case, a DXF file will work best with free versions of Silhouette Studio.

You can check out these two links to check more about sublimation designs: Design Bundles and Creative Fabrica. It is better to use Adobe Photoshop to design their Tumbler to print because it features the perfect color conversion for all sublimation printers.

Using Heat Press To Make a Sublimation Tumbler

Today, online stores offer commercial-sized heat presses, which are explicitly designed for tumblers. These heat presses are either tumbler-sized attachments for a wider press or stand-alone. Just like GoBesin is the best store for sublimation tumblers, Amazon is the best for buying a Tumbler heat press.

If you’re planning to produce sublimated tumblers in bulk, it’s best to use a heat press. There’s only one problem that you may face (only if budget is an issue) – tumbler heat presses are expensive. Moreover, you may require additional attachments for various sizes of mugs or tumblers. However, the end result will always be worth the expense.

That’s it! Hopefully, You have a better idea of where to buy sublimation tumblers now. Let me emphasize it again for you. There are various stores. If you’re considering ordering in bulk, choose GoBesin. However, choose Amazon or any other online vendor for a single or couple of orders.

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