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Sublimation stainless steel can cooler with double lids. Tall and short styles for choice. These 12oz can coolers is multi metal vacuum insulated and works perfect to keep your drinks cold or hot.
✅ Stainless steel can cooler with double lids
✅ Double walled vacuum insulated, no sweat design
✅ Ready for sublimation: suits parties and events


Product Name can cooler with double lids
Colors white
Material stainless steel
Capacity 12oz
Quantity 25 sets a pack;
Support Sublimation yes

What’s in the box?

1. Blank can cooler
2. Individual white gift box


Our can cooler is designed to combat heated external environments by vacuum sealing off other sources of air. As a result, this insulated cooler is able to keep the inside surface of the cooler at near frigid temperatures. The air gap vacuum layer acts as a barrier, maintaining a seal from the outside world, while securely holding and protecting the can or bottle within.


We have built our can cooler from a multi-level approach. A wall of stainless steal outlines both the inside and outside of the cooler, protecting the metal insulating copper liner that is melded between these plates. This copper plate works to combat the transfer of heat to the vacuumed capsule inside, and is protected from rust by the stainless steel exterior.


Our can cooler multi-metal vacuum design makes it a sweat free can cooler, allowing no condensation to gather on the exterior. Moreoverly, its stainless steel exterior makes it dishwasher safe. This makes it ideal for use at the beach, camping, pool parties, backyard events, and outdoor parties!


This stainless steel cooler can be used in a few easy steps. Just twist off the threaded gasket, insert the can or bottle, and replace the gasket with a firm spin. Compare the slick feel and power of the vacuum sealed design to expensive hydroflask cooler cups or Yeti coolers and experience the difference! Let your drinks chill in style and safety, as our can cooler has a balanced metal base that helps to prevent tip overs.

How to do sublimation in the oven?

1. Print the pattern on the A4 heat transfer paper in the package.
2. Stick the image on the can cooler tightly with heat-resistant tape.
3. Place the suitable shrink wrap around the can cooler.
4. Heat the shrink wrap with heat gun or air blower to make it fit tightly with the can cooler.
5. Put it into a convection oven, set 360°F (182°C)for 5-6 minutes.
6. Take it out the oven, wait for a moment, then peel off all the paper sheets to complete the pattern printing.

Set Size

25pcs – short, 25pcs – tall

3 reviews for 12oz Stainless Steel Can Cooler With Double Lids

  1. August

    Great product..used to hold drinks and keep them cold.

  2. Abel

    Product is great for several kinds of drink containers.

  3. Isabel

    They are cool.

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